I am an illustrator and designer. I like to create, imagine, invent, play with shapes, colors and textures, experiment with different artistic techniques and transform any idea into something visible.

I like to combine illustration and nature in a very close way, playing with imagination and reality. Animals are my main source of inspiration, I also like tales, stories, legends and traditional art from different cultures.

I studied illustration and graphic design in Madrid (Spain) and my interest in teaching also took me to study childhood education later in life. I devoted myself to teaching and to take charge of creative workshops for several years, thus combining my passion for art and illustration with a direct experience with children. Later I gave up teaching in order to fully devote myself to illustration and design.

Below you can see some of my drawings, I enjoy turning into images anything that inspires me, things I see or can’t see, anything in my mind, drawing brings me to a creative world, where ideas can be represented and made visible.

María Cruz Martín

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